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Flipping the unofficial Lookup Component

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The Unofficial Lookup component from the unofficial Salesforce site is one of my favorite components. It allows you to add a powerful search component to your screen flow. However, the component is one of the oldest on the site, and some very picky users in my organization kept asking me, "Why are the icons not aligned correctly?" during user acceptance testing. Therefore, I decided it could use a new layer of paint.

What was changed?

  1. Used lightning design system to format the search box

  2. Used lightning design system to format the search results

  3. Used lightning design system to format the selected results

  4. Added the ability to add icons

The Results

Go from this

To this

Now it's your turn!

  1. Log into a sandbox or developer org

  2. Install the latest version of the unofficial Lookup component

  3. Open the developer console

  4. Open the files below, and update them with the code below

Open c:lookupFSC

Update Component File

Update Design File

Update Controller and Helper File

Open c:CmpPills.cmp

Update Component File

Open c:LightningLookup

Update Component File

Update Style file



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