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Is date within business hours?

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

This new flow action will allow you to quickly and easily calculate if a given date is within your specified business hours. This utilizes the Salesforce built-in Business Hours object. The component has two inputs:

  • Business Hours Id

  • Date

The flow will return a boolean value. If true, the date is within your specified business hours. If false, the date is not within your specified business hours.

Enjoy this action!


Coming Soon

  1. A flow action to determine the next business date for a given date

  2. A flow action to add an interval of time from a start Datetime traversing business hours only.

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1 Comment

Elisheva Dujovne
Elisheva Dujovne
Jan 28

I couldn't enjoy it, because I am not sure how to create the flow. do you have an example of a real use of this component in a flow?

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